Coffee & Confessions

August 2019

Our brains devote more space to reading the details of faces than any other object. Coffee & Confessions focuses on a collection of personalities who stepped into my life and are now immortalised on canvas, with careful psychological profiling the figures in this collection are an interpretation of the way I view humanity.


Envy, lust, vanity, the dark shadows that lurk in the corners of our minds, the things we cannot confide in those near to us “tell him” a voice in their head screams! But how do we tell a stranger that we cheat, lie and are terrified?


Let me take you on a journey into an eclectic mix of people and their vulnerabilities, their secrets and the emotions that they can no longer contain. 


We all have that dark space yearning for release, who better than a perfect stranger that will not judge because he seems empathetic and has a kind face.


“My wife is cheating on me” blunt, raw and unconsciously real. 


“My family doesn’t know I’m a lesbian, how do I tell them that this is the woman I love?” love is unconditional, unconventional and at times inexplicable.


“I’m not well, I can’t bring myself to tell anyone” terminal illness is inevitable, embrace and live in the moment, let them decide how much time they wish to spend with you. 


A snapshot and glimpse into some of the dialogue that was effortlessly confessed over a simple cup of coffee.


We are never trapped by our birth, religion or circumstances, we are malleable and moulded by the choices we make!

Ninos Moshi